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2016-2017 Top Tips


The 2016 to 2017 change over always presents Paprika users with a small number of things to do. Date related issues coming into our Help Desk and ‘data fixes’ are prevalent at this time of year. To avoid any unnecessarily errors in your data, we had a little think and created this handy resolutions list to help get the New Year up and running without any hitches. You may do things differently, as no agency is the same, but these tips are a good starting point.

Logging time or posting for 2016

Paprika will always default to the current year/month. Therefore, to date something in December 2016 you MUST enter the full date – the minimum would be 31/12/16 for 31st December 2016. If you’re missing timesheets or any other data then it could simply be due to tabbing off early and posting something by default to 2017 rather than 2016.

Year End can be run multiple times

December is often the end of the financial year for many of our clients. Remember, Year End can be run multiple times in Paprika and MUST be run after making any changes and/or adjustments to the previous year. If this is your first year end using Paprika or you would like extra guidance then search “Year End Procedure” on the wiki.

Public holidays can be planned for the whole agency, all at once

Plan bank holidays into all agency staff schedules using ‘Public Holiday Creation’ in the ‘Time Menu’. This functionality is available in main Paprika and doesn’t require the HR module. Only class 1 users (full users) have the necessary permissions to do this. To find out how, simply search “Public Holiday Creation” on the wiki for further help and instructions.

Create your own agency to-do-list

As every agency is different, it’s a good idea to write your own check list so that you don’t have a post-Christmas brain freeze. Our to-do-list includes things like:

  •   Open the period for the year, and amend the low and high period.
  •   Post the year end nominal posting and close the periods.
  •   Close jobs for the previous year and open the new ones.
  •   Check out the holidays taken for everyone and take appropriate action if taken over or under.
  •   Change your autonumbering if you autonumber invoices, credits, etc, by year.
  •   Renew your charge out rates/ fees and update your automatic invoices if requested.

Those are just a few examples, and I am sure you have your own list, but it never hurts to be thorough - Happy New Year!

We have been looked after well over the years, and with new projects on the horizon know that we will get the service we need to be able to deliver new and better improvements to how we operate both here in the UK and abroad.

Selwyn Pye, Head of Financial Operations, Iris Worldwide