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Archive: 24/04/2018

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General Data Protection Regulation- 2018

On the 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation will be put into place. If you’re ahead of the game and have already heard of it you’ll be aware... Read more about 'General Data Protection Regulation- 2018'...

What is new in the latest i2 release?

JF 2

Our development team are constantly enhancing Paprika and at the beginning of May the latest version of i2 will be released. Read more about 'What is new in the latest i2 release?'...

Save the Date- 25th May VAT Reconciliation Seminar

This 3 hour seminar aims to discuss the best practice for entering VAT transactions into Paprika to make reconciling VAT easier. Read more about 'Save the Date- 25th May VAT Reconciliation Seminar'...

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Selwyn Pye, Head of Financial Operations, Iris Worldwide