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Client Services Re-brand

Client Services Re-brand

 2018 has been a very exciting year at Paprika not only for our development team but also our client services team as it has been decided they will change their name from Client Services team to Customer Care to reflect the trend to a more proactive approach, and of course to show how much we care for our clients! The new email address is: The phone number remains the same: 01732 811601

 The team is led by Jane Rosewell (, and handles most non-technical client enquiries, requests for training, licences, additional datafiles etc., and general administrative functions. Supporting Jane, the team consists of:

Charlotte (, who handles the support agreements and arranges QuickSilver support on-site consultancy visits. If you would like to upgrade to QuickSilver, drop her a line for details.

Trisha ( In addition to dealing with support billing, Trisha also assists with additional datafiles or SDMC entities that you may require.

NickB ( supplies any additional licences and arranges ad hoc training and consultancy sessions, and liaises with the training team through initial implementations

 Our Client Engagement team, a sub-set of the Customer Care department, help clients to get more from their investment in Paprika, follow up upgrades, and demonstrate many of the modules and new features that become available. Their team currently is:

Kirsty ( leads the team talking to long-standing clients and helping them use Paprika more effectively, demonstrates new functions and Paprika versions and hosts occasional Webinars on specific topics.

India ( uses her client-side knowledge and experience to assist clients in a consultancy role

Ben ( Amongst his other skills, Ben is our dashboard king!

 Don’t Worry this won’t affect you in any way we just wanted to give you a heads up as the email address will be changing when it comes to contacting customer services in the future

Paprika has enabled us to change the way we report profitability, creating tighter controls over risk to ensure profit margins remain on target.

Selwyn Pye, Head of Financial Operations, Iris Worldwide