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Join the Paprika Pro's Group

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A new LinkedIn group has been created strictly for Paprika users only. After receiving several requests to start a group, we decided this platform would be a great way of enhancing the knowledge sharing opportunities that come with being a Paprika client.  With over 700+ agencies using Paprika, our network is far-reaching and it’s our pleasure to bring you all together.

The group is named ‘Paprika Pro’s’ and it’s all about professional collaboration. Join us if you want to discuss what works, what doesn’t and best practice within Paprika. It’s a place where you can share ideas and exchange hints and tips with a friendly bunch of thinkers. Perhaps you want to network with your fellow Paprika community or have a question for our experts? Either way, there will be someone in the group with the knowledge you need.

Jen Keywood, Marketing and Events Coordinator at Paprika, will be closely moderating the group. It’s all new and something we are piloting so bear with her. If you would like to join then feel free to email her on Alternatively you can request to join via this link. All requests will reviewed at her earliest convenience. Once again, I must stress that this group is for Paprika clients and carefully selected experts only – all applicants will be verified.

You can also follow Paprika’s LinkedIn company page by clicking here. You may not know that some news and events are advertised here first - so it’s a great reason to follow us on there.


A number of our clients use Paprika. The feedback is that it is a sound integrated job costing and accounts system and more that can support agencies at all ends of the spectrum.

Mandy Merron, Partner, Kingston Smith W1