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March 01, 2022 • News

How to record, track and plan effectively around absences?

The process of requesting and approving time off should be straightforward in your agency.

Teams want to submit their requests easily and approvers to make informed decisions based on capacity.

By implementing the right tools to handle time-off requests, you empower your team to streamline their workflows, encourage communication and report effectively.

With Paprika’s integrated system, you can record, track and plan around absences – all in one place.

Absences are instantly relayed into key areas of your business allowing managers to make informed decisions on their resourcing and plan effectively around absences.

It also provides complete visibility of team holidays and absences to all departments within your agency.

Here is some advice to accelerate the process for everyone and make the most of Leave Request and Leave Approval in Paprika:

1. Set up Automated email Alerts

When an employee is requesting time off, Paprika’s automated alerts directly notify managers and allow them to approve or reject requests in seconds. Teams can also easily track their request in real-time and will receive an alert once their request has been updated.

2. Include direct links from emails notifications

To allow approvers to directly approve/reject a request at a click of a button.

3. Provide complete visibility of team holidays and absence

Create bespoke dashboards and reports to keep track of who’s off work and when, so you can plan accordingly and increase team collaboration.



Our features

Leave Request

i2 Leave Request can be used to request all types of leave. From Annual Leave, Doctors Appointments, Study Leave, etc.

Using the system infrastructure already in place, Paprika’s Leave Request functionality integrates seamlessly into your system allowing you to monitor internal business activities in real-time.

Once entered, Paprika will create Planned Time on requested days to aid with visibility when reviewing Traffic and Resourcing.

Absences are also automatically uploaded into user's timesheets, allowing them to fill in their timesheet very easily. 

Leave Approval

i2 Leave Approval lets managers access leave requests directly from their inboxes and approve or decline each request at a click of a button.

The program also works with email alerts and sends automated notifications as soon as a request is submitted.

Report & Review

With all the information in one place, Paprika gives complete visibility of team holidays and absence. 

Reporting features and dynamic summary charts allow you to easily track what your team is up to.

Holidays are immediately uploaded into the other areas of the system such as shared calendar and Dashboards views to let everyone see who is available straight away!


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