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With over three decades of experience in the field, and a customer base across 20 different countries, with capabilities in six different languages, we can tailor your solutions currency, capacity, and capabilities to meet the needs of your team and your clients.

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Your agency,
all joined up.

Job costing, billing and accounting in one comprehensive platform. Job done.

Why Paprika

Visibility and control of your entire agency from a single platform.

Paprika is an integrated agency management software that seamlessly knits together all the functions that make up a creative agency. This ensures our clients have total visibility, understanding and control of the things that drive their business, so they can focus on giving their clients the best service.

Data. Entered once, endlessly utilised.

Paprika flawlessly integrates every agency function to ensure that the flow of data, intelligence and insight in your business is frictionless.

A single, integrated system

Enter data once, and Paprika will show you the complete picture, on a real-time basis. No need for additional software - it’s all here. 

Simple, scalable and flexible

Paprika will be configured to your agency, with the flexibility to scale up functionality and reporting detail when you need to.

Improve forecasting and visibility

Make informed decisions. Paprika shows you where you’ve come from, where you are now – and where you’re heading.

International capability

Join up your network, regardless of location. Paprika is available in 6 languages, and is a multi-currency system.

"Our whole team is working from home and it’s a huge relief to have Paprika now because our other systems didn’t work well remotely!"

Katherine Diaz​

Finance & Operations Director, Aurora Healthcare Communications

Our clients

"PRCA has always keenly championed Paprika because they understand what PR agencies need inside out: solid financials, intuitive resource planning, expert management of freelancers, easy to follow account management functions and excellent reporting tools. Many of our members are using Paprika everyday no matter where or how they are working, either in the office or remotely anywhere in the world."

Francis Ingham

PRCA Director General

Our clients

“I love Paprika. It is a very robust and flexible system which is what you need if you work for an agency because things are changing constantly. We are very happy with the software.”

Dennis Ziel

Finance Director, Seven C3

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"I love Paprika and the tools it offers for agencies whether small, medium or large, to manage their finances, resources and projects. Whilst an FD and a consultant I put Paprika into several agencies and they have always been amazed at the transparency it gives them as to where their profitability (or lack of it) is coming from. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paprika to any agency looking to upgrade their software."

Deborah Broadbent

Founder, Vision FR

Our clients

"Paprika is a robust job costing and accounting system that seamlessly tracks transactions from jobs to accounts. Its ability to provide live time job information along with meaningful financial data makes it a powerful and vital resource for any project based company."

Chris Lang

DBA Accredited Expert, Flash Accounts

Our clients

“In 2010 we wanted to embrace management control at 360 degrees and include analytical accounting control. The change in corporate culture was challenging but gave us back a strong strategic value that has also poured into customer service. We've always believed that positive results can never be separated from numbers and internal organisation guarantees quality and longevity. Hence the reasoned choice for the use of Paprika."

Elena Consonni

CFO of Boutique Creativa

Our clients

"Having a primarily creative mind, implementing an integrated ERP when only a few knew the concept seemed initially a daring investment. The results showed that audacity pays off and, both as entrepreneurs and as suppliers of high quality services, we are satisfied with the progress made. Celebrating these 10 years with Paprika is a reason for pride."

Paolo Giorgi

Director of Boutique Creativa, Italy

Our clients

"We have been using Paprika for many years now and I am always impressed with the service we receive from their helpline. They are always courteous, helpful and resolve most issues straight away."

Jon Pearce

Group Creative Director, Ferrier Pearce

Our clients

"We needed a tool to handle the volume of work (perhaps 300 live projects at any time), the diversity (projects range from £200 to over £100,000 projects) and the geography (over 65 countries and 42 currencies in 2015!). We found it in Paprika."

Jeremy Stern

Managing Director, PromoVeritas

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"As time went on, and functionality of it improved, we started using it even more. And as our business grew, that’s when we realised the actual benefits of using Paprika."

Amie Faulkner

Operations Manager, Outlook Creative Group

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"Paprika makes their clients feel like an individual which is unusual in 21st Century."

Bernie Creedon

New State Entertainment Ltd

Our clients

"The software and the Paprika team have always supported us in all cognitive and functional steps. And time has rewarded us with continuous and constant growth in turnover."

Elena Consonni

CFO of Boutique Creativa

"Even though ASW (Agency Software Worldwide) have expanded, they have maintained their family personality."

Dorcas Gordon

Finance Director at Kazoo, Done+Dusted and Progress Productions

Our clients

"We implemented Paprika in 2018 and have gradually introduced more functions ever since. We use the software for pretty much everything client related. It’s very reliable and provide all the functions that a business needs to run efficiently."

Dennis Ziel

Finance Director, Seven C3

Read the case study

"Thank you all for working together to help us improve our processes and streamline how we work. We have now successfully generated invoices in a more efficient way using Paprika i2 and emailed them directly to our clients from Paprika, which is a great achievement."

Clare Mitchell

Office Manager at MKA Architects Ltd

“I think Paprika is wonderful!”

Linna Tu

Head of Finance at Venture Three

"Unlike other software packages, if you require assistance there is someone at the end of a phone/email to help. The personal touch is invaluable."

Dorcas Gordon

Finance Director at Kazoo, Done+Dusted and Progress Productions

Our clients

1,168 implementation journeys since 1995, and counting.

When we start out, you know your business and we know Paprika. When we finish we both know your business and we both know Paprika.

Your agency, your needs.

We dedicate time and effort to understand your business and implement our software to your specific requirements.

With Paprika, it’s personal.

Our experienced trainers take a personal approach, guiding you through the process at your own pace.

Paprika, standing by.

We’re different from the ‘webinar and go’ method. We’re here to give you the insight you need to succeed.

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Timesheet App: Record and track time anywhere at anytime

While empowering your staff to work remotely, you need to ensure that they stay connected to the business.

Our Timesheet App makes on-the-go access to the work systems even easier and allows teams to: 

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